Dr. Keith Warren provides professional, confidential and in-depth treatment addressing challenges across the lifespan.

Offering Individual, Couple, Family and Play Therapies to Adults, Teens and Children.

Located in Waco, Texas.

About Keith Warren

a personal statement

I have been a licensed Psychologist since 1987. My interests and experiences in this field are rather broad. My work has been in the private and public sectors and my experience has been fairly extensive. In private practice, I see people of all ages for problems with adjustment to stress, depression, anxiety and relationships. I focus especially upon longstanding patterns that turn up and cause unhappiness repeatedly in a personís life.

I have conducted Play Therapy for many years and helped start a child/adolescent clinic which I directed for over a decade. In all my clinical treatment, I place importance upon the early development, bonding and attachment experiences. Even with adults, old scripts and expectations can be carried into many situations without being examined and questioned. This causes confusion, but can be unraveled with work and determination.

In my public service career, I have participated in several community-wide workgroups and committees. I have conducted many public information and professional training workshops. My own front-line education about how projects and initiatives succeed in a community was quite intense and rewarding. This I obtained while working for 19 years as a manager and supervisor in a community mental health agency.            more...

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